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Other Contract Language

The Washington State Association of School Psychologists survey our members about school district contract language to assist with bargaining, help those who are looking for jobs to know what is offered in districts, and to keep data on the trends in our state. WSASP does not verify each member's survey input and highly recommends checking the individual district's website and to seek exact contract language if there are questions about any of this information. We appreciate feedback if inaccurate information is identified in our list. 

This data is from our December 2016 survey.

District Other important contract language that is specific to school psychologists
Bellevue School District (Area 1C) We get 6 IDEA days per year, or can get paid for those days. We also get some extra money to use for conferences, etc.
Central Valley School District (Area 8) One time payment $425 if your special education caseload is 161 to 184 students, $600 if it's over 185
Clover Park School District (Area 9) There are small stipends for after school work/meetings. Other stipends are available to all staff, but may be difficult to access for psycs, such as time in professional learning communities
East Valley School District (Yakima) (Area 6) We have just begun the conversation in regards to a stipend for NCSP. 
Eastmont School District (Area 2) Eastmont S.D had an 8% beginning teacher salary stipend it paid school psychologists per year. They eliminated that for new hires, but grandfathered it in for older psychs.
Enumclaw School District (Area 1D) School psychologists do all diagnostic assessments (specifically stated is that special education teachers do not do any diagnostic academic assessments - includes academic assessment)
Franklin Pierce School District (Area 9) ***"The Professional Responsibility portion of the stipend will be increased by $1500 for each special education staff member. Psychologists shall receive an additional incentive of $2300 (total of $3800).
***"Special Education Caseloads. The District will make a good faith effort to equalize workload for special education staff members and to equitably assign the number of buildings to be served by itinerant school psychologists. A process is in place to review caseload concerns.
****"The District will reimburse each school psychologist $300/year for expenses relating to her/his position (i.e., professional membership dues, trainings required for ESA certification, etc.)  To receive reimbursement, the employee is required to turn receipts into Learning Support Services for the year’s expenditures no later than the last school day."
Issaquah School District (Area 1C) All special education staff will receive an annual stipend of $3,000 paid over twelve  months (12) prorated for FTE. Special Ed Stipend for meetings for all certified special educations staff.
Kennewick School District (Area 10) We  get a ONE TIME ONLY overload pay of 7.5 hours for every 100 students over 1500 (total building population). This is new and there are lots of kinks to work out in the interpretation of this new contract language.
North Thurston Public Schools (Area 5) The 'Case Load Review Committee" can also review your caseload to see if a  Super FTE can be awarded if the psychologist has a particular case that takes up a lot of the student's time (i.e. due process case etc.). The District will continue to support the school Psychologist intern program. The school psychologist  assigned to supervise a psychologist intern shall be paid a bargained stipend. The District recognizes the importance of providing all itinerant Special Education staff members (OTs,  PTs, Special Education Specialists, SLPs, and School Psychologists) with adequate in-building office  space and supplies in order to best serve the needs of their students. Each work group (OTs, PTs,  Special Education SLPs, and School Psychologists) will be provided a workspace in each building that  will include:  1. An office or work area that can be locked  2. A telephone  3. A desk with locking drawers  4. A computer terminal for access to email, network and technology necessary to complete  required and often times confidential work  5. A four drawer, locking filing cabinet  6. A cupboard or cabinet that can be locked 
Olympia School District (Area 5) Itinerant staff receive a stipend of 4% of base salary.  School psychs have 3 hours of para time per week to use as they see fit (paperwork, scoring, making packets, scheduling, etc.). This is prorated for differing FTE. When we either prepare for or attend an IEP meeting after or before work hours, we may submit a time slip. After 18 hours, you need to apply before to the director as to whether the time can be submitted for payment.
Pasco School District (Area 10) (iv) The district will pay a mentor stipend of $500 to psychologists assigned to oversee an intern for the year.  (v) When a vacancy occurs, the psychologist and the District will collaboratively determine positions based on seniority, qualifications and experience, caseload, and program needs. There is a Preschool Inclusion Case Manager (Head Start/ECEAP): caseload of 45.
Puyallup School District (Area 9) School Psychologists can request a "workload impact meeting" if the caseload is too high.  Contract states that ESAs do not have to have an advisory and will be provided with a work space including a locking storage, computer, printer, and phone. 
Renton School District (Area 1C) The only contract language we currently have specifies that we will receive 2 hours of per diem pay for each evaluation over 70. We also receive 70 hours (10 extra days per 1.0 FTE) of additional pay that we time sheet; it is not currently in the contract. We use it before, during, and after the school year. We are trying to get language into the contract that staffs us with a better ratio, however, RSD is not interested in increasing our FTE at this time though it is desperately needed to allow us to practice in line with the NASP Practice Model.
Sumner School District (Area 9) District reimburses psychs for association dues and national dues
Tacoma School District (Area 9) Extra $1000.00 bonus for first year the school psych hires on in Tacoma for it being a hard to fill position. This is in addition to the $1000.00 signing bonus all certificated staff get their first two years in Tacoma.
 Toppenish School District$15,000 supplemental stipend for all school psychologists regardless of NCSP status. This stipend is built into the extra contract days. 
Yakima School District (Area 6) 36.75 optional hours per year, $3,000 stipend for being an intern supervisor for a year, and the option to work one day/week from home if you are at least .8 FTE and you are not behind on your work.

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