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We encourage Washington school districts and agencies who employ school psychologists in Washington to post open positions to our website but we acknowledge that this is an incomplete list.   Applicants interested in a particular area or district should check the Human Resources page of the district websites where they want to work.

We do our best to maintain active postings on our site while relying on Human Resources or other appropriate departments to notify us when a position has been filled or is no longer needed. If you know that any listed position has been filled or is inaccurate, please let us know by emailing contact@wsasp.org.   Please be aware of the following posting guidelines:

WSASP will ONLY post listings for positions in Washington State school districts and for agencies who employ school psychologists in Washington. 

Job listings will only be posted for six months and then removed. Employers are encouraged to re-submit another post request if a position has not been filled.

Posts that are not found on applicable district/agency employment websites may also be removed. 

Post a position here.. Elementary/ Secondary

 Date (updated) District/Institution  FTE  Where to location information/How to apply Internship Site? If so, paid?
10/12/21 North Shore School District 1.0

Certified School Psychologist.  District website:  https://www.nsd.org/  Northshore School District  - Elementary level.  Full Time.  

Applicants can apply at https://www.nsd.org/our-district/departments/human-resources/employment  Contact:  Julie Trembath-Neuberger, Director Special Education at jtrembathneuberger@nsd.org for more information.

 Yes (Not Paid)
 8/25/21 Lakewood School District   1.0 Certified School Psychologist. District website:  http://www.lwsd.wednet.edu.  Primarily elementary grades.
Yes (sometimes paid)
 8/19/21 ESD 123  1.0 ESD Website:  http://www.esd123.org/home.  Position located in Othello, WA. To view details or apply visit HERE Also listed as Unpaid School Psychology Internship. Yes (paid) This position listed as "unpaid"
7/28/21 Chief Leschi Schools 1.0

District website:  www.leschischools.org/careers  Tamara Romo 235-445-6000 X3019 for questions.  Very attractive opportunity to work on one campus, less than 600 total students, PK-12, in person and some remote as an option.

Yes (paid)
7/26/21 Longview School District 1.0

District website: http://www.longviewschools.org Applicants can apply for this position by clicking on "Careers" at the top of the page. Please contact Human Resources at 360-575-7200 with any questions.  Secondary level. 

Yes (paid)
7/22/21 Puyallup School District

* .5 - 1.0

District website: http://www.puyallup.k12.wa.us.  Elementary and Jr. High. * Both full and part-time positions available. You can also contact Christina Bren at 253.604.3696 or BrenCM@Puyallup.k12.wa.us or Karen Van Wieringen at 253.841.8700 for more information. THIS LINK and look for JobID # 2807 under Certificated Student Support. You can also contact Christina Bren at 253.604.3696 or BrenCM@Puyallup.k12.wa.us or Karen Van Wieringen at 253.841.8700 for more information. Yes (paid)
7/14/21 South Kitsap School District
1.0 District website: https://www.skschools.org/Elementary/Secondary level.  To view job details or apply visit https://southkitsapschooldistrict.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx.
Yes (sometimes paid)
7/13/21 Snoqualmie Valley School District
1.0 District website: https://svsd410.org. Grades Pre-12. Please submit a completed application via our Job Opportunities portal: https://www.applitrack.com/svsd/onlineapp/default.aspx
Yes (paid)
7/7/21 Granite Falls School District 1.0 * District website: https://www.gfalls.wednet.edu/. * Full time and Part time. Elementary/Secondary level,  To view position details or apply visit https://www.applitrack.com/gfalls/onlineapp/default.aspx?AppliTrackJobID=190&ref= Yes (paid)
7/6/21 Freeman School District - Rockford
District website: https://wa01000538.schoolwires.net/. *Part-Time School Psychologist (1-2 days/week Flexible Hours) and/or Full Time Paid Intern. District Psychologist - FES/FMS/FHS. Please contact Jody Sweeney jsweeney@freemansd.org for details.  Also see the post on our Available Internship page.
Yes (paid)
7/2/21 Renton School District
.5 - 1.0  District website: https://www.rentonschools.us/.  Primary/Secondary level.  To view or apply https://www.applitrack.com/rentonschools/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=Certificated&subcategory=Certificated%20-%20Psychologist&fbclid=IwAR1tHr3krHsh1D3vJtO_L7huxTWRnbKuUppmFUWWiJ0MftDbD3LLZGLqui0#.YN33-5cZrfA.facebook.  Please contact Rochelle Cikauskas with any questions at rochelle.cikauskas@rentonschools.us
Yes (paid)
6/30/21 Monroe School District 1.0 District website: https://www.monroe.wednet.edu/.  Elementary/Secondary level. Please apply on our website (https://monroejobs.hrmplus.net/JobOpenings.aspx). If there are questions about the district or positions, please contact, David Paratore (paratored@monroe.wednet.edu).
Yes (paid)
6/30/21 Battle Ground Public Schools
1.0 District website: https://www.battlegroundps.org/. 3 positions available. Location TBD. Search for the job postings, details and application process HERE. For additional information contact Ellen Wiessner, Executive Director of Special Services - (360) 885-5318 - wiessner.ellen@battlegroundps.org.
Yes (paid)
6/18/21 East Valley School District No. 90
1.0 District website:  https://www.evsd90.org/.  High School level.  To access job details or apply, click THIS LINK.
6/18/21 Riverview School District
1.0  District website: http://rsd407.org. Elementary/Secondary level.  To view description or apply visit HERE Yes (not paid)
6/17/21 Auburn School District
1.0 * District website: https://www.auburn.wednet.edu/.  * Multiple full- and part-time positions available. Early childhood, elementary, and high school levels.  To view details and apply, VISIT HERE

Yes (paid)
6/14/21 Anacortes School District
1.0  District website: http://www.asd103.org/Birth-5 and elementary. To access the jobs page, view description and apply visit https://anacortesjobs.hrmplus.net/ Yes (not paid)
6/14/21 Seattle Public Schools
1.0  District website: https://www.seattleschools.org/.  Apply online here. *Several positions available for the 2021-2022 school year. Email questions to Lauren Nget (School Psychology Team Leader) Lnnget@seattleschools.org
Yes (paid)
6/11/21 Highline School District 1.0 District website: http://Highlineschools.org.  To access the posting or apply click THIS LINK.
Yes (paid)
6/11/21 Stanwood-Camano School District
1.0 District website: https://www.stanwood.wednet.edu/ Stanwood Elementary/Preschool level.  Click HERE to review the position description or apply.
Yes (paid)
6/11/21 Bellevue School District
1.0 District website:  http://www.bsd405.org.  Positions: Mental Health Assistance Team Counselor (school psychs, school counselors, school social workers may apply). Elementary, middle, or high school - hiring all levels, multiple positions. Visit HERE to view positions and apply.
Yes (sometimes paid)
6/8/21 North Thurston Public Schools
1.0 District website:  https://www.nthurston.k12.wa.us/. To view details and apply VISIT HERE Yes (paid)
6/7/21 Kelso SD
1.0 District website: http://www.kelso.wednet.edu.  Elementary and Secondary level.  To apply or view position details CLICK HERE Yes (paid)
6/7/21 Educational Service District 112
1.0 ESD Website: https://www.esd112.org.  School Based Mental Health Therapsit/Psychologist.  Location: Skamania SD. Apply online https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/esd112/jobs/3107777 or call Joseph Mathews, HR Coordinator - 360-750-7503 Yes (sometimes paid)
6/4/21 Seneca Family of Agencies
1.0 Agency website:  http://www.senecafoa.orgUp to $3k relocation assistance available depending on location!  Positions available in elementary, middle, and high schools in Seattle, South King County, and Tacoma. Apply online here: https://careers-senecafoa.icims.com/jobs/4449/school-psychologist/jobContact Gini Sanders, School Psychologist, with any questions: gini_sanders@senecacenter.org
Yes (paid)
6/3/21 Kennewick SD 1.0 District website: http://www.ksd.org. Locations: Eastgate Elementary, Edison Elementary, and Chinook Middle School Autism Inclusion. To apply for job 17375, visit https://kennewick.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx. Contact Jennifer Allen, Assistant Director of Special Services at (509) 222-5089 with any questions. Yes (paid)
 6/2/21 Peninsula SD
1.0 District website: https://www.psd401.net/.  Elementary/Secondary level. For complete details of the position and electronic application, please visit: https://www.psd401.net/departments/human-resources, and select "Search Job Openings". Questions can be directed to Adrienne Matison, email matisona@psd401.net. No
5/29/21 Everett Public Schools  1.0 District website: https://www.everettsd.orgTwo Elementary Positions Available. Please reference Job ID 3576 located under either Certificated-Other or Location-CRC Special Services Programs and Services when submitting your application HERE. For more details or questions, contact Robin Arnold at rarnold@everettsd.org or 425-385-5250. Yes (sometimes paid)
 5/28/21 Educational Service District 112
1.0 ESD website: https://www.esd112.org.  Virtual position- remote location. Visit THIS LINK to view details or apply. Yes (sometimes paid)
5/24/21 Educational Service District 112
1.0 ESD website: https://www.esd112.org/special-services/special-education-esa/. Positions located at Toutle Lake and Naselle-Gray's River Valley School Districts. To access  To access position details or apply CLICK THIS LINK.
Yes (sometimes paid)

Educational Service District 112

1.0 ESD website: https://www.esd112.org/special-services/special-education-esa/.  Positions located at Raymond and Wahkiakum School Districts. To access details or apply CLICK HERE
Yes (sometimes paid)
5/19/21 Yakima SD 1.0 District website: https://www.ysd7.org/.  ESA. To view position details or apply CLICK HERE.  Please call or email Joni Coe for more information at 509-573-5063 or coe.joni@ysd7.org. Yes (paid)
5/17/21 Tonasket SD
.5 to 1.0 District website: http://www.tonasket.wednet.edu/.  PK - 12 Districtwide.  To access position details and apply VISIT HERE.  For more information or questions, please contact Kristi Krieg at (509) 486-2147. Yes (paid)
5/7/21 Bellingham Public Schools
1.0 District website: http://bellinghamschools.org. Multiple locations.  To access the Employment and Application webpage CLICK HERE.
Yes (paid)
5/7/21 Federal Way Public Schools
1.0 District website: http://www.fwps.org.  Primary and Secondary levels.  Contact Michael Self-Bence, Assistant Director Student Support Services to learn more about our school psychology team (cell/text: 253-457-2822; mselfben@fwps.org).  Apply for JobID: 6164 - School Psychologist https://www.applitrack.com/federalway/onlineapp/
Yes (paid)
4/28/21 Stride, Inc. - Washington Virtual Academies (Agency)
1.0 Agency website: https://wava.k12.com/who-we-are/career-opportunities.html.  Location:  Remote in WA State. Special Programs Coordinator. Click THIS DIRECT LINK to view job details and apply. No
4/21/21 Sedro-Woolley SD
1.0  District website: https://www.swsd.k12.wa.us/ Secondary (middle school) level, however, open to discussing other grade levels depending on applicant skills and needs.  Applicants may apply through the District's "Fast Track System."  HERE.  If there any questions, please feel free to contact Tony Smith, A.E.D. of Special Programs at 360-630-7788. Yes (paid)
4/20/21 Lake Stevens  SD 1.0  District website: http://www.lkstevens.wednet.edu.  Elementary level.  To search for position details and apply START HERE Yes (paid)
4/20/21 Elma SD 1.0 District website: https://www.eagles.edu/.  Secondary level (Middle and High Schools).  To view details or apply CLICK HERE or contact Tonja Grandsen, Human Resources, at 360-482-2822. No
4/19/21 Camas SD
1.0 District website: http://www.camas.wednet.edu/. High School level.  Applicants can apply for this position by going to the Camas Jobs page HERE
4/19/21  North Franklin SD
 1.0 District website: https://www.nfsd.org/.  District-wide. View the job description HERE.  To apply visit THIS LINK Yes (paid)
 4/16/21 Capital Region ESD 113 1.0  ESD website: http://www.esd113.org/. Lewis County Special Education Cooperative. Visit HERE to access position details and job description.
Yes (sometimes paid)
4/15/21  Olympia SD  1.0 District website: http://osd.wednet.eduOlympia and Capital High Schools. To view posting and apply, GO HEREFor questions regarding the posting, please contact: Thomas Parnell, Director of Student Support at
360-480-4798 (please leave a voicemail) or email tparnell@osd.wednet.edu.
Yes (paid)
4/15/21  Mount Vernon SD #320
1.0  District website: http://mountvernonschools.org/ Elementary/Secondary level. To access the online application system CLICK THIS LINK Yes (paid)
 4/15/12 Eastern Washington University
1.0  University website: https://www.ewu.edu/. This position is for an Assistant Professor, located in Cheney, WA. To view the job summary or apply, CLICK HERE No (N/A)
4/8/21 NWESD 189 Region
 1.0 ESD Website:https://www.nwesd.org/jobs/. This position is for Behavior-Support Specialist. Position open until filled. For a complete job description and to apply online, please visit: https://www.nwesd.org/job/behavior-support-specialist/
4/8/21  NWESD 189 Region
 1.0 ESD Website: https://www.nwesd.org/jobs/Position open until filled. For a full job description and to apply online, please visit: https://www.nwesd.org/job/school-psychologist/ No
3/30/21  Woodland SD
 1.0 District website: https://www.woodlandschools.org/. Middle School level.  To access application and job details, click THIS LINK Yes (sometimes paid)
3/29/21  North Central ESD
1.0 *191 days District website: https://www.ncesd.org/.  Locations: Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan and Grant Counties. Accepting applications for this position on-line only. Position opens 3/29/21 and closes 4/12/21. To access our on-line application click HERE and select the appropriate links for this position.
All completed packets must be submitted on-line and include all required documents as listed on the linked webpage.

Yes (paid)
3/19/21  Selkirk SD
1.0*  District website: https://www.selkirkschools.org/  * Full time position at Elementary, Middle and High School level, but Part-time employment is also an option. To review the job listing or apply, visit HERE or for more information, contact Missy Wilson, 509 446 2951.  Also see this post on our Available Internship page. Yes (paid)
3/9/21  Tahoma SD  1.0 District website: https://www.tahomasd.us/.  To view position details or apply visit https://www.tahomasd.us/employment and click "Current Job Openings" or contact Annette Whittlesey, Special Education Director (awhittle@tahomasd.us). Yes (sometimes)
2/17/21  Yelm Community Schools
 1.0 District website:   https://www.ycs.wednet.edu/Page/2559.  Positions are available for 2020-21 and 2021-22. Select the posting under the school year you are applying.  Elementary, secondary (middle school) levels.  Please visit our website or edjobsnw.org for the link to the application.  For additional information please contact the YCS Office of Student Support at (360) 458-6124 or email student_support@ycs.wednet.edu.
Yelm Community Schools
2/12/21  Bethel SD 1.0  District website: http://www.bethelsd.orgBethel District ESA positions at preschool, elementary and secondary available. Click THIS LINK to access the employment page, enter "psychologist" in job search. You will also see 2 intern positions posted.  Positions available immediately and for 2021/2022 school year. Yes (Paid)
2/11/21  Kent SD  1.0 *

District website: https://www.kent.k12.wa.us/Page/12021-2022 Pool- various FTE available. Access the Careers webpage to view details and to apply or contact KSDCareers@kent.k12.wa.us*Full and part time positions available for the 2021-2022 school years. Email questions to any of the following school psychologist leads: rani.bauer-pugmire@kent.k12.wa.usrenee.nash@kent.k12.wa.uslaura.richards@kent.k12.wa.us.  Paid internships available yearly.

Yes (paid)
1/25/21  Ephrata SD 1.0  District website:http://www.ephrataschools.org.  Will also consider Paid Internship. Candidates can apply online through the school district website or by contacting: Travis Eloff, Director of Special Services, (509) 754-3538, teloff@ephrataschools.org.  Yes (Paid)

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