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2023 Virtual Fall Conference

Registration is now open! This years conference includes a total of 75 clock hours & features presenters from around the world!

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2023 Spring Lecture Series

Registration is now open! This great PD opportunity features state- and nationally-recognized speakers, and can be accessed from your home or office.

A total of 24 clock hours are available, and are included with registration.

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wsasp clock hours

How do I get my clock hour documentation?

*Note: follow these steps when you are attending a WSASP event and need documentation of your personal clock hours.

1.       Attend an event put on by WSASP.

2.       Complete an evaluation form for each session attended at the event. Click here to complete the evaluation form.

3.       After the event is over, confirm your attendance via the digital attendance roster. Click here to complete the digital attendance roster.

4.       After you click submit on the attendance roster, a hyperlink will appear. Click the hyperlink to download the clock hour documentation form.

5.       Print the form and complete the information about your event. Sign/date at the bottom of the form. Date the provider’s signature with the last date of your attendance. Keep these files safe and available for license renewal. You may also submit these files to your human resources department for placement on the salary schedule.

How do I get my event approved to provide clock hours to my attendees?

*Note: follow these steps when you are planning a professional development event and would like to provide your attendees with clock hours.

1.       Complete the Request for Event Approval Form.

2.       You will receive a notice of your event approval or denial via email from the Clock Hour Chair (Amanda Fleck).

3.       Promote your event.

4.       Host your event and document attendee names.

5.       Email the attendance sheet to the Clock Hour Chair (Amanda Fleck).

6.       Inform your attendees to complete the clock hour documentation process above to document their clock hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Who can I contact with questions related to clock hours?

The Clock Hour Chair, Amanda Fleck, is available via email at to answer clock hour questions.

What date should I put on the clock hour form?

When printing and completing a clock hour form, please date your signature and Amanda Fleck’s signature with the last date of your event attendance. If you viewed a recorded session, use the date you viewed the session.

What are the criteria for getting my event approved to provide clock hours?

Per the Washington Administrative Code (WAC 181-85-030), your event must:

  • Provide professional development relevant for school psychologists and beyond the district level, including EITHER outside speakers OR outside attendees. District-level trainings that do not include either an outside speaker or outside attendees are encouraged to seek approval for district-offered clock hours (not WSASP clock hours).
  • Must not be a regular business meeting, break, or eating time.
  • Must include a minimum of one hour of instruction (one hour in duration).
  • Requests for approval must be submitted and approved PRIOR to the commencement of the event (WAC 181-85-200).
  • Per the WSASP laws, events must be longer than 1 hour in duration.

What happens after I submit my event for approval?

Your submission information will be shared with the WSASP board. Your request will be reviewed and one of the following will occur: approval, denial, or request for more information for consideration.

Who approves WSASP to provide clock hours?

WSASP is approved by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) to offer clock hours. WSASP’s annual events (Fall Conference, Summer Institute, Spring Lecture Series, and Graduate Student Conference) are approved by our board each year. If you are hosting an event and would like us to consider approving them for clock hours, please see the requirements for approval and directions to seek approval listed above.

Will the clock hour form be emailed me to me after events?

No. In order to receive the clock hour documentation form, you must complete the digital attendance roster after the event. Once submitted, a hyperlink appears with directions to click the link to download the form.

Do I need a clock hour form for each session attended?

No. Clock hour forms are for documentation of an entire event such as Spring Lecture Series or Summer Institute, not for individual sessions within these events. You will evaluate each session and then get a single (1) clock hour form to document the entire event. EXAMPLE: I attended three sessions of Spring Lecture Series and submitted an evaluation form for each session immediately after each session. After the series ended, I completed the digital attendance roster and received one (1) clock hour form to document the three (3) hours I attended of the Spring Lecture Series.

Can I evaluate the entire event in one evaluation form?

No. The evaluation form can be completed a many times as needed and must be completed for each session that you attended in the event.

How do I document audience attendance when I host an event?

Audience attendance can be documented multiple ways. If hosting a virtual event, you can request your attendees to type their name into the chat box and save a copy of the chat box. If using Zoom, you can download an attendance report after the event. If hosting an in-person event, attendance can be documented by manually writing the names of each attendee. Email your attendance report to the Clock Hour Chair, Amanda Fleck, at

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