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2020 Northwest Regional School Psychology Virtual Conference

October 15th-17th, 2020 *PAST

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Advocacy Action Center

2020 Fall "Postcard" Campaign

Thank you so much for participating in our virtual version of our annual postcard writing campaign where we send 500 handwritten postcards to our elected officials during the fall conference. We are so sad that we are not meeting in person this year, but fully understand that safety must come first.

We count these contacts for our annual tracking of how many school psychologists contacted their elected representatives and officials (almost 5,000 last year including the postcard campaign!), so please complete this form when you send your letters this year!

Since we cannot provide you with postcards and postage, we have come up with an alternative, again with help from NASP.  We have the National School Psychology Week letterhead from NASP available here, with the WSASP information added to it*.  

You can participate in our campaign this fall in five ways:

  1. Print the letterhead and handwrite your message, then send in the mail to Olympia.

  2. Type your message on the letterhead, print it, and send in the mail to Olympia.

  3. Type your message on the letterhead and email it as an attachment to your elected representative and officials.

  4. Copy the letterhead graphic into your email body with a typed message to send to your elected representatives and officials.

  5. Contact your elected official through their website email with the message (this platform will not allow you to use graphics or attachments).

We are encouraging everyone to send a hard copy through the mail, as this does have a different impact compared to an email.  You can use this tutorial to find your elected representatives’ mailing addresses.  To send an email most representatives use You can also send a letter to other elected officials, such as the superintendent of public instruction. If you email representatives through their webpages, you may not be able to use an attachment or insert graphics.

*You can access the NASP letterhead without the WSASP information here for those who do not live in Washington.


Below are sample messages to get you started. You can use these as written, or you can add to them to provide more specific information based on your experiences.

I’m a school psychologist. I care that key stakeholders understand the importance of our national professional standards in improving outcomes for students, families, and schools. I promote students’ mental health and academic learning. I help teachers meet the needs of their students. I work with parents to support their children’s school success. I partner with administrators to evaluate data and implement effective systems and interventions. The NASP Practice Model is my framework for effective service delivery in the school context.  Please contact me for more information about this.

I am a school psychologist. The 10 Domains of Practice in the NASP Practice Model define the knowledge, training, and skills I have to meet the needs of students, families, and schools. What’s most important about the NASP Practice Model? Everything. Understanding the domains helps inform the range of knowledge and skills I can provide as a school psychologist. The NASP Practice Model outlines how services are integrated to best meet the needs of students, families, and the school community.  Please contact me for more information about this.

I am a school psychologist.  The COVID 19 Pandemic has resulted in an increase in mental health needs nationwide.  Our students need access to high-quality, school-based mental health services in order to thrive.  Stand up for Washington’s students by supporting mental health services in schools. Please support legislation that will strengthen the work of school psychologists! 

I am a school psychologist. I provide essential services to staff and students every day.  Washington is facing a critical shortage of school psychologists, at a time when our students need psychological services more and more. Please support legislation providing National Board Parity for Nationally Certified School Psychologists to help schools recruit and retain people like me.

I am a school psychologist, and I stand for social justice for all of my students.  School psychologists provide culturally responsive services to students and families from diverse backgrounds. Please support policies and legislation that help all students succeed, such as those supporting the rights of LGBTQ+ students, equitable access to education regardless of race or zip code, and fair discipline practices.

Self-Advocacy Toolkit

Your Government and Public Relations (GPR) Committee has compiled our favorite and most effective tools to promote the role of school psychologist in our day-to-day work. The information will provide reminders for communication essentials, develop an advocacy message, and provide a framework for implementing change, no matter how big or small. Click here to access the Self-Advocacy Toolkit, and be sure to share your experiences with us at, or on social media using the hashtag #WSASPadvocatestoo!


NASP Advocacy Action Week

NASP hosted an Advocacy Action Week from July 20-24th, focusing school psychologists across the country on federal advocacy for our students and our profession. Click here to learn more about it.

NASP Advocacy Action Week 2020

How are schools funded?

Information about the Washington Prototypical School Funding Model for School Psychologists

The OSPI Staffing Enrichment Workgroup is tasked with making recommendations for reducing educational opportunity gaps in Washington State. The group’s first directive was to make recommendations for the Prototypical School Funding Model. A report with recommendations was released during the fall, and was of concern to many WSASP members. Click here to access an article providing clarification and understanding about what the Prototypical School Funding Model is, how school psychologist roles are typically funded, and the advocacy work that WSASP is engaged in on this topic.


Who:  WSASP's Government and Public Relations (GPR) committee has been hard at work in Olympia, and now we need your vital contribution and active support!

What:  Advocate for your self, your field, and kids!  Contact your representatives TODAY about the below-mentioned important issues! Your representatives value your opinion as a constituent, and the more of us they hear from, the louder our collective voice!  Below are 8 bills we are tracking now.  A brief summary is provided and each bill is linked, allowing you to review the contents of the actual bill.

When: The legislature is in session, but this will end in early March.  As bills cycle through the process and move to a vote from the entire legislative body, we will alert you to action through our member email system. When the time is right for each bill, the Form Letter Link will be activated, and you will get an email reminder to take action! 

Where:  Thanks to NASP, you will only have to send the message once to get to all three representatives based on your home address, and we will be able to pull data about how many of us are taking action!

Why:  With more letters of support and phone calls from all stakeholders and professionals in school psychology and allied fields, the legislators in the House and Senate will be informed and can realize the wide range of importance these issues represent.  If we are not at the table, we are on the menu!

How:  You can contact your legislators today.  You can submit public comment via the legislative website (see directions below, via NASP, directly with an email address, or via Our Voice, through WEA (Click here for a step by step tutorial on how to use Our Voice to email your representatives).  The GPR Committee will provide form letters as appropriate for each bill of interest to WSASP.  When these letters are made available, you can use them exactly, add personal stories or comments, or write an original letter to submit to your legislators.  Once your letter is ready, using NASP's Advocacy Action Center, you can send it to all your state representatives with one click.  We ask that you send one letter for each bill, as this is how representatives prefer communication, and it keeps our message clear.  

Tips and Tricks

  • Click here for a description of how a bill becomes a law (it is not so direct of a process as we were taught in middle school...)
  • See the State Advocacy page for instructions on how to submit a public comment on these bills or any others of interest.
  • Click here for more resources on Advocacy.

Did you contact your representative(s)?  Let us know!  

We want to know how BIG our impact is! 

Click here to tell us about the action you took.   

Want to be kept up-to-date on how GPR is advocating for our profession? 

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