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Tele-Assessment: What’s Available, Reliable, Ethical, & Valid?

 Aug. 18 via Zoom

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Summer Institute

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Northwest Regional School Psychology Virtual Conference

 Oct. 15-17

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SCOPE is the quarterly publication of the Washington State Association of School Psychologists. Many of our articles come from practicing school psychologists in the field. Please consider sharing your experiences and successes by writing an article for the SCOPE.

Message from the Editor

The Summer SCOPE welcomes our new WSASP President, Alexandra Franks-Thomas.  I have had the opportunity to work with Alex for the past 6 years and I am truly excited by her vision for our state association. As indicated in her President’s Message, she is warm, authentic and has an excellent handle on the challenges our students face as well as a clear vision for school psychologists. Following her message is how to contact our new and continuing Area Representatives.  Dr. Steve Hirsch, our Professional Development Chair with editing support from Dr. Laurie Engelbeck, our Immediate Past President provide a synopsis of a webinar by A. Jordan Wright Ph.D.,  sponsored by APA and Riverside Insights; New York University  “Psychological Tele-Assessment during COVID-19:  Ethical and Practical Considerations.”

Nominations are now open for WSASP awards, which will be presented at our virtual 2020 Fall Conference. The 2020 WSASP Fall Conference will include numerous states and from what I understand will offer many pertinent webinars.

Michael Kirlin, our Ethics and Professional Practice Chair offers ethical advice on standardized assessments during Covid 19.  We are fortunate that the University of Washington School Mental Health Assessment, Research, and Training Center (UW SMART Center) provides information regarding their center as well as multiple resources including webinars on mental health ranging from a five-step crisis response strategy based on communication skills that educators and school staff use every day to creating trauma-responsive schools.  Dr. Steve Hirsch provides feedback from the SLD Cadre regarding the march to a new SLD definition.  Dr. Engelbeck discusses the importance of flexibility. I have included information on the 2020 Spring Lecture Series and how to access archived lectures. 

I chose to include the article on WSASP’s summary guidance for special education evaluation during the pandemic from the Spring SCOPE.  OSPI Superintendent Reykdal has indicated schools will be open in the fall but we are still unsure what that will look like and it is possible that we may go back to Phase 1.  It is difficult to deal with uncertainty regarding our own health and well being as well as trying to do what is best for our students.  For me it comes down to insuring that children build the skills they need to access their education.  If unsure how to proceed, I believe it is better to maintain/add services than it is to deny services.  Finally, I have included links to OSPI’s special education guidance on Covid 19 as well as the links to the MTSS Fest webinars and materials for 2020.  Included on the MTSS Fest link are the materials from their 2019 and 2018 conferences.

I have truly enjoyed and grown a lot being editor of the SCOPE for the past 6 years.  The average time is 2 years.  Dr. Laurie Engelbeck will be our new editor.  She has been a tremendous support to me for the past several years.  My focus will be on Retention and Recruitment as Co-Chair.  New information will be coming out in August on the mentorship process with support from WSASP.  We will also need your help in going into middle school, high shool and undergraduate classes to present materials on being a school psychologist.  Information will be presented in the PWN and the SCOPE.

If you have any articles or input please contact Dr. Engelbeck at SCOPE@wsasp.org

Remember a small group of people with focused intent can change the world!

Laurie Harrison, Ph.D.
Retention & Recruitment Co-Chair
ESA Behavioral Health Coalition
Spokane Public Schools

Washington State Association of School Psychologists
816 W. Francis Ave #214
Spokane, WA 99205

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