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School Psychologist Ratios

The Washington State Association of School Psychologists survey our members about school district contract language to assist with bargaining, help those who are looking for jobs to know what is offered in districts, and to keep data on the trends in our state. WSASP does not verify each member's survey input and highly recommends checking the individual district's website and to seek exact contract language if there are questions about any of this information. We appreciate feedback if inaccurate information is identified in our list. 

This data is from our December 2016 survey.

School Psych to Special Education Student Ratios Language
District School Psych : Special Ed Students Additional compensation for overages? Additional Compensation Structure
Issaquah School District There is not a ratio of psychologist to special education students, but a ratio of 1 to 50 cases (initial evaluation and/or re-evaluation) per school year. Yes 1.5 hours for a full evaluation report, for each report over 50 reports. School Psychologists receive a 20 day extended-day contract (which is paid monthly), as well as a special education stipend of $250/month for attending meetings outside of contract time.  We also have access to $300 from special education funds to attend conferences/buy materials.  This is in addition to our the Professional Growth money all employees get.
Pasco School District 1:150 with current IEP and evaluation Yes Overloads shall be compensated according to the following schedule: 
Caseload Overload/ Compensation  or Clerical Support hours 
150   $0  0 
151-175   $1 per student per day or 5 hours  176-200   $2 per student per day or 10 hours  201+  $3 per student per day or 15 hours 
(iii) Caseloads will be prorated based on employee FTE for part-time psychologists.  (iv) The district will pay a mentor stipend of $500 to psychologists assigned to oversee an intern for the year. 
(v) When a vacancy occurs, the psychologist and the District will collaboratively determine positions based on seniority, qualifications and experience, caseload, and program needs.
Renton School District 70 evals per psych Yes 2 hours per diem per extra eval
Richland School District 1:150 Yes Our district will not allow us to go over 150, so they don't have to pay.
Sumner School District No more than 60 Evaluations per school year for 1.0 FTE Yes $50 per extra evaluation

School Psych to General Education Student Ratios Language
District School Psych: General Ed Student Population Additional compensation if over caseload Additional compensation structure
Aberdeen School District 1:1100 No  
Battleground School District1:624  
Bethel School District 1:1000 No  
Central Valley School District 1:1750 No  
Chehalis School District 1:900 No Not in the contract, but 10 extra days along with teacher extra days--which is in the contract.
Cheney School District1:900  
Enumclaw School District 1:1300 No Compensation for overload is to be discussed between the psychologist and their supervisor.
Everett School District1:1000  
Evergreen School District1:1250 elementary
1:1500 secondary
Ferndale School District1:1000  
Granite Falls1:900  
Highline School District 1:900; Plus 1.7 FTE for unfunded childfind (Early Childhood evals and private school evals) No $1200 for NCSP; 4 extra days
Kennewick School District 1:1500 No One time a year (Nov 1 count) for 100 kids over 1500 the psych is supposed to get 7.5 additional hours pay, just the one time. So, if it is Nov 1, and I have 1501 kids, I get an additional 7.5hours that one time, but if on Dec 1, I have 1700 kids, no additional pay.
Kent School District 1:1100 (averaged over district) No  
Lake Washington School District 1:1150 Yes There are supercontracted psychs who are significantly over. The 1100, we've been told, is a district average, so you may have more or less. Our contract language describes staffing, and this does not apply to one psychologist's caseload.  For example, for 2300 students, 2 psychologists would be hired.  One psychologist could theoretically have 2000 while the other has 300. 
Marysville School District1:1000  
Monroe School District1:1150  
Mount Vernon1:1000  
North Shore School District1:1050  
North Thurston Public Schools  1:1000 No There is none... there is a "Case Load Review Committee" that can review of a case load if it is over 1000 and assign a "super FTE" (i.e. 1.2 FTE I think) if the committee feels that is appropriate. School psychologists receive a one-time $2000 stipend at the time of hiring. School psychologists receive a $1000 stipend upon completion of advanced certification and state licensure, and annually thereafter; used to maintain professional certification. 
Prosser School District1:1000  
Seattle Public Schools 1:1050 No  
Selah School District1:1200  
Sequim School District1:1000  
Shoreline School District 1:850 Yes NCSP stipend- no overload language or money though it would probably be available if overload was necessary
Snohomish School District1:1000 with intent to reduce to 1:800 by 2017  
South Kitsap1:1000  
Spokane School District 1:1250 Yes There is additional compensation based on number of evaluations initiated on a monthly basis. 
Sumner School District 1:1200 in 2016/2017 
1:1100 in 2017/2018 
1:1000 in 2018/2019
No The ratio is called a "target." No compensation if over. High School Psychologists get paid for 12 extended days.  Elementary and Middle School Psychologists get paid for 8 extended days. As far as evaluations, I think over 50 evaluations we get extra pay. 
Tumwater School District1:1050  
Vancouver School District 1:1200 No One psych is supposed to be assigned full time to our day treatment program. 
Yelm School District 1:1000 No  

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