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Each year nominations will be requested through announcements appearing in the Association’s Newsletter, and other newsletters at the award committee chair’s discretion. Nominees must submit an application describing their program and the extent to which it engages in best practices in School Psychology with regard to assessment, intervention, consultation, education/supervision, and research/evaluation. Applications containing effectiveness data will be considered more highly than those that do not. At the committee’s discretion and with the permission of the nominee, School Psychologist employees or consumers may be interviewed or the site may be visited to aid the committee in determining the finalist. The President will present the award to the recipient at the public function at the Association’s annual meeting. The selection committee shall include the Officers and Area Representatives of the Association.

 Nominate a Colleague

If you know an outstanding school psychologist or district, nominate them for one of the WSASP awards next year! 

Diversity Scholarship

WSASP is aware of the need for a more aggressive approach to relieve financial pressures faced by students of diverse backgrounds pursuing careers in school psychology. The WSASP Diversity Scholarship Program was established to address this need in our state’s schools. To help foster and encourage diversity in the profession, the program will grant awards on an annual basis to at least one qualified graduate student of school psychology in the state of Washington. This year WSASP will be awarding one (1) scholarship of $1000.


To be considered for this scholarship, the candidate must:

  • Be a full-time or minimum half-time student from an underrepresented group
  • Be enrolled in a NASP-approved and/or regionally accredited school psychology program in Washington State, with the aim of becoming a practicing School Psychologist in Washington State
  • Be a WSASP student member
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Have a minimum cumulative overall GPA of 3.0

IMPORTANT: Doctoral candidates will not be considered for this award. Only those students enrolled in specialist level (or equivalent) school psychology training programs will be considered for this scholarship award.


The documents requested will be reviewed by the Diversity Scholarship Program Selection Committee. In reaching their decision, the Selection Committee will consider the content and completeness of the application; the applicant’s experience, interests and growth and letters of recommendation.


The recipient of the WSASP Diversity Student scholarship will be announced at the WSASP Fall Conference.

Award Descriptions & Recipients

Louisa Thompson Award: 
These awards recognize individuals for outstanding service to the Association. The award was set up in honor of L. Thompson who was one of the primary persons in establishing WSASP. She held multiple leadership roles in school psychology and was recognized for her dynamic personality, extraordinary drive and determination from the beginning of her career in 1967 until her sudden and unexpected death in 1982. She received the NASP Special Presidential Award in 1980, and in 1981 was named the WSASP Psychologist of the Year. The recipient must be a member of WSASP and one whose contributions, commitment, quality of service and accomplishments represent those of L. Thompson. This award contrasts with the School Psychologist of the Year Award in that it focuses on the boundless variety of the Association affairs rather than on direct services to children teachers and parents. The selection committee shall include the Immediate Past-President, President and at least two previous Thompson Award winners or School Psychologist of the Year Award winners.

2023 - Cassie Mulivrana, MEd.S., NCSP (Lake Stevens School District)
2022 - Alex Franks-Thomas
2021 - Curt Blair
2020 -  Carrie Suchy (Franklin Pierce School District)

2018 - Sherri Bentley (Tumwater School District)2017

- Dr. Jill Davidson (North Kitsap School District)
2015 - Dr. Laurie Harrison (Snohomish School District)
2014 - Arick Branen (Grandview School District)
2013 - Dr. Jamie Chaffin (Eastern Washington Univ.)
2012 - Bob Howard (North Thurston School District)
2011 - Dr. Susan Ruby (Eastern Washington Univ.)
2010 - Diane Sidari (Snoqualmie Valley SD)
2009 - Dr. Kay Beisse (Seattle University)
2008 - Jacquie Jensen (Everett School District)
2007 - Jodi Sheppard
2005 - Steve Hirsch (East Valley School District)
School Psychologist of the Year Award: 
This award may be awarded to a School Psychologist who demonstrates excellence across a broad range of domains, which may include assessment, intervention, consultation, education supervision research/ evaluation, and advocacy for their clients, community, or profession. The nominee should have personal characteristics, which include high ethical standards, effective interpersonal skills, and a dedication to improving conditions for children, families, schools, and communities. Nominees will need to have been trained as School Psychologists and be primarily engage in the practice of School Psychology in Washington State during the year prior to receiving the award.


2023 - Hillary Paul, Ed.S., NCSP (Pioneer School District)
2022 - Melissa Chan, MA

2021 - Angie Withers (Richland School District)
2020 - Kristen Berwald (Issaquah School District)

2019 - Alexandra Franks-Thomas (North Thurston Public Schools)
2018 - Robert Graham (Walla Walla Public Schools)
2017 - Robin Arnold (Everett Public Schools)
2016 - Jenny Marsh (Othello School District)
2015 - Dr. Steve Hirsch (Shoreline Schools)
2014 - Vicki Anderson (North Thurston School District)
2013 - Katie Pardini (Richland School District)
2012 - Michael Self-Bence (Federal Way Public Schools)
2011 - Brenda Vandouris (Central Valley SD)
2010 - Bob Howard (North Thurston School District)
2009 - Sue Young (North Thurston School District)
2008 - Brad Arnesen (West Valley School District)
2007 - Shairn Villa
2006 - Kenn Priebe (Central Valley School District)
1984 - Dr. Arlene Steenerson

President's Award:
This award is given by the President to recognize individuals for outstanding service contributions to the Association.


2022 - Kelly Lam-Scholten, Ed.S
2021 - Laree Foster (Vancouver School District)
2020 - Sherri Bentley (Tumwater School District)

2019 - Curt Blair (Office Manager)2018 - Arick Branen (Tacoma Public Schools)

2017 - Pamela Hamilton (Edmonds School District)
2016 - Carrie Suchy (Franklin Pierce School District)
2015 - Dr. Susan Ruby (Eastern Washington Univ.)
2008 - Dr. Steve Hirsch (East Valley School District 361)
Best Practices Awards:
These awards may be given in the following categories:
    • Assessment
    • Intervention
    • Consultation
    • Education & Supervision
    • Research and Evidence Based Practice
    • Mental Health Services
    • Leadership
    • Social Justice in Practice
    • Early Career Professional Practices (first 3 years of practice)
    • Outstanding Advocate
    • Louisa Thompson Award
    • School Psychology Services Award
    • School Psychologist of the Year Award
    Individuals trained as School Psychologists and who are engaged in primarily in the practice of School Psychology in Washington State are eligible. Possession of the NCSP or state certification in School Psychology shall be evidence that a person has completed School Psychology training. The practice of School Psychology is considered to be the application of psychological knowledge to resolving school problems. School Psychologists who are primarily Involved in the training and supervision of School Psychologists are considered to be eligible for these awards.



    2023 - Jiangyue "Bella" Li, MA, M.Ed., NCSP (Monroe School District)

    2022 - Rachel Saldana, NCSP, Ed.S
    2021 - Amanda Dawson (Kent School District)
    2020 - Jennifer Frohlich (Bellevue School District)

    2018 - Christina Phan and Kelly Glick (Franklin Pierce School District)2017 - Lisa Lohse Miranda (Franklin Pierce School District)

    2016 - Pedro Gonzales (Pasco School District)
    2015 - Dr. Anton Furman (Federal Way Public Schools)
    2014 - Ingo Lemme (Burlington-Edison SD)
    2013 - Alisa J. Coats-Clemans (Evergreen SD)
    2011 - Tricia Campbell (Central Valley School District)
    2010 - Glen Boyd (Seattle School District)


    2023 - Robin Latham, MA (Lynden School District)
    2022 - Lindsey White, Ed.S
    2021 - Kindra Hibbard (Clarkston School District)
    2019 - Christina Thain (Deer Park School District)
    2018 - Dr. Jennifer Barr DeHaan (Tumwater School District)
    2016 - Tricia Parker, Toppenish School District
    2015 - JoAnna Rockwood (Edmonds School District)
    2014 - Colleen Allen (Federal Way School District)
    2013 - Julia Zigarelli (Federal Way School District)
    2012 - Sharon Bradley (Richland School District)
    2011 - Tamara Schierman (East Valley School District)
    2010 - Jessica Ford (Yakima School District)
    2008 - Cathy Lamson (Edmonds School District)



    2023 - James "Jim" Scarborough, Ed.S., NCSP (Lynden School District)

    2022 - Golda Hornbacker, NCSP
    2021 - Christina Meehan
    (Lake Washington School District)
    2020 - Apryl Yearout (Soap Lake School District)

    2019 - Ashley Maphis (Snohomish School District)
    2018 - Kristi Bramble (Tumwater School District)
    2017 - Rebekah LaMarche (North Thurston Public Schools)
    2016 - Lia Shierk (Burlington-Edison School District)
    2015 - Stefani Spilker (Centeral Valley School District)
    2014 - Gail Omdal (Burlington-Edison SD)
    2013 - Bethenee Grant Engelsvold (Snohomish SD)
    2012 - Dr. Tim Wittman (Burlington-Edison SD)
    2011 - Dave Martin (Federal Way School District)
    2010 - Bobbie Bawyn (Granite Falls School District)

    Mental Health Services


    2023 - Alyssa Symmes, Ed.M., NCSP (Bellevue School District)



    2023 - Elizabeth Torres, Ed>S., NCSP (Moses Lake School District)

    Social Justice in Practice


    2023 - Quinterra Middleton, SSP, NCSP, LMHCA (Kent School District)

    Early Career Professional Practices


    2023 - Alexis Romero, Ed.S. (Richland School District) 



    2023 - Amanda Crawford, Ed.S., NCSP (North Thurston Public Schools)

    2022 - Stephen Griego, MA, Ed.S
    2021 - Tracy Pennington-Branen (Tacoma Public Schools)
    2020 - Anna Fritts (Spokane Public Schools)

    2019 - Nicole Preston (Moses Lake School District), Katherine Blair (Deer Park School District)
    2018 - Carina Mikael Olson (Issaquah School District)
    2017 - Cassandra Mulivrana (Snohomish School District)
    2016 - Michelle Giovanola (Renton School District)
    2015 - Elizabeth Willis (Central Valley School District) 2014 - Dr. Amy Bohlander (University of Washington)
    2013 - Michaela Clancy (Seattle Public Schools)
    2012 - Dr. Anna Fritts (Spokane Schools)
    2012 - Micki Clugston (Eastmont School District)
    2011 - Craig Montagne (Deer Park School District)
    2010 - Rhonda Gardner (Seattle Public Schools)
    2008 - Laura Haran (Bellingham Schools)

    Research/Program Evaluation

    2022 - Camille Brown, Ed.S
    2021 - Hailey Hinkle (Longview School District)
    2016 - Dave Russell (Yakima School District)
    2014 - Vancouver School District
    2013 - William (Bill) Rasplica (Franklin Pierce SD)
    2011 - Erin Randall
    2009 - Susan Irish and Janice Petaja

    Research and Evidence Based Practice

    2023 - Dr. Greg Govan, Ph.D., NCSP, BCBA (North Thurston Public Schools)

    School Psychology Services Award:
    This is an award which may be given to Departments, schools, districts, clinics, hospitals, or other corporate entities, which exemplify effective School Psychology practice in assessment intervention, consultation, education supervision, or research/evaluation. It is intended that the district/agency equivalent of the School Psychologist of the Year award, that is a model of best practices delivered broadly by psychology departments to the school. The district/agency must employ individuals trained as School Psychologists, be involved in the delivery of psychological services in Washington state to children and families in educational settings, or the delivery of psychological services to school staff and administrators to resolve schooling-related problems.
    2023 - Issaquah School District
    2019 - Snohomish School District
    2018 - Franklin Pierce School District
    2017 - Tumwater School District
    2014 - Richland School District
    2013 - Odessa Brown Children's Clinic, Seattle
    2012 - Hamblen Elementary
    2011 - Auburn School Psychologist Team
    2010 - Peter G. Schmidt Elementary (Tumwater SD)
    2008 - Edmonds School District
    2007 - Walla Walla S.D.
    2006 - Carol Gable

    Diversity Scholarship
    WSASP is aware of the need for a more aggressive approach to relieve financial pressures faced by students who are from diverse backgrounds and who are pursuing careers in school psychology. The WSASP Diversity Scholarship Program was established to address this need in our state’s schools. To help foster and encourage diversity in the profession, the Program will annually award $1000 to at least one qualified graduate student of school psychology from one of the school psychology programs in the state of Washington. 


    2022 - Monique Armendariz
    2021 - Brenda Barrios, Jared Berry, Marisol Cervantes, Tadesse Chala, Keith Green, Swee Harrison, Martina Folowell Nix, Rosa Nouch, Yasmin Xayarath, Camille Stovall-Ceja
    2020 - Katie Orozco (EWU), Dayra Salcedo (Gonzaga), Miriam Carlson (Gonzaga), Tracy Mejia (SU), Samuel Ahima Acquah (Gonzaga)

    2019 - De Andre Williams (Eastern Washington University)
    2018 - Marie Elizabet King (Seattle University)
    2016 - Mustafa Abdirahman (Eastern Washington Univ.)
    2014 - Veronica Glanville (Eastern Washington Univ.)
    2013 - Maria Hernandez-Melgar
    2012 - Eva Mayberry (Eastern Washington Univ)
    2009 - Sara Aguilar (Eastern Washington Univ.)

    Outstanding Advocate Award:
    This award is given to an individual who has worked to make systemic changes in policies that govern the provision of educational and mental health services at the state, district or school level. In addition, this individual has worked to support the WSASP mission and vision statement. Individual nominees have so distinguished themselves by this service that clear evidence of improvement of educational and mental services for children can be readily documented. 


    2023 - Rani Bauer-Pugmire, EdS., NCSP (Kent School District)
    2021 - Kathryn Salveson
    (Lake Washington School District)
    2020 - Paulette Selman (Vancouver Public Schools)

    2018 - Carrie Suchy (Franklin Pierce School District)
    2017 - Dr. Laurie Harrison (Snohomish School District)

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