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2020 Northwest Regional School Psychology Virtual Conference

October 15th-17th, 2020 *PAST

Missed the conference? You can register to access the recordings from the conference. The recordings will be available until 1/20/2021.



Executive Board
President Alexandra Franks-Thomas
President Elect Cassie Mulivrana
Past President Laurie Engelbeck
Treasurer Arick Branen
Secretary Monique` Gaynes

Don't know which WSASP area you are in? 

Use the Area By District document to identify the district you work or live in and the related WSASP area.

WSASP Area Map

Area Representatives

Area 1A     Anna Casey & Liz Jones
Area 1B Jennifer Much & Brenda Gessaman
Area 1C Mikael Olson & Jessica Kesseler
Area 1D Elizabeth Gibson-Myers & Lindsey Gallagher
Area 2 Nicole Preston & Apryl Yearout
Area 3 Nathan Cattarin
Area 4 Donna Guise
Area 5 Sherri Bentley & Cecilia Hernandez
Area 6 Danna Williams & Sara Allen
Area 7       Laree Foster
Area 8 Samantha Gerber & Jennifer Heinecke
Area 9 Michael Kirlin & Karen Harper
Area 10 Mary Bauer & Lore'K Garafola

Committee Chairs

Assessment                 Cassie Mulivrana & Laree Foster

Communications                                         Alex Franks-Thomas & Mikael Olson

Conference/Workshops                           Steve Hirsch
Ethics & Prof Practices                              Michael Kirlin
Government & Public Relations             Carrie Suchy & Sherri Bentley

Mental Health                      Tracy Pennington-Branen & Sherri Bentley

Retention & Recruitment                   Laurie Harrison & Monique` Gaynes
SCOPE Editor                                             Laurie Engelbeck

Clock Hours                                                Susan Ruby

Awards/Diversity Scholarship                 Laurie Engelbeck

NASP Delegate                   Susan Ruby
NASP SPAN Rep                 Carrie Suchy
NWPBIS Liason                           Susan Ruby


University Rep - EWU (Hybrid)   Susan Ruby
University Rep - EWU (Online) Jamie Chaffin
University Rep - SU         Jason Parkin
University Rep - CWU                         Rich Marsicano
University Rep - UW                           Jim Mazza
University Rep - Gonzaga-Dean                    Vincent Alfonso
University Rep - Gonzaga-School Psych     Joseph Engler
Student Rep - EWU (Hybrid)        PENDING
Student Rep - EWU (Online)                          Jessica Zimmerman,  Liz Griffioen
Student Rep - SU Emeka Oguike, Austin Kain
Student Rep - CWU        PENDING
Student Rep - UW           Joshua Blazen

Washington State Association of School Psychologists
816 W. Francis Ave #214
Spokane, WA 99205

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