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Executive Board

President Mikael Olson
President Elect Anna Casey
Past President Carrie Suchy
Treasurer Arick Branen
Secretary Kate Salveson

Don't know which WSASP area you are in? 

Use the documents below to identify the district you work or live in and the related WSASP area.

WSASP Area Map           Area by District

Area Representatives

  • Area 1A VACANT
  • Area 1B Larry Ruble & Stephen Griego
  • Area 1C Marina Ganotra & Madeline McGregor
  • Area 1D Daisha Cannon & Krista Helbing
  • Area 2 Apryl Yearout & Rachel Saldana
  • Area 3 Kelly Lam-Scholten & Robin Latham
  • Area 4 Crosby Wilson & Nate McAuliffe
  • Area 5 VACANT
  • Area 6 Sara Allen
  • Area 7 Jenna Hickey & Stephanie Kneedler
  • Area 8 Kayleen Campbell & Franklin Day
  • Area 9 Kristin Schuster & Breanna McGarry
  • Area 10 Lore'K Garofola & Mary Bauer

Committee Chairs

Assessment                                                  Leayh Abel

Communications                                         Alex Franks-Thomas & Mikael Olson

Conference/Workshops                      Arick Branen and Tracy Pennington-Branen
Ethics & Prof Practices                            Michael Kirlin
Finance Committee                                   Katherine Blair

Government & Public Relations           Carrie Suchy & Kate Salveson

Mental Health                     Apryl Yearout & Sara Allen

Retention & Recruitment                       Cassie Mulivrana & Kristin Schuster
SCOPE Editor                                               Matthew Liberty

Clock Hours                                                  Amanda Fleck

Awards/Diversity Scholarship              Carrie Suchy

Social Justice Advocacy Committee  Marissa Avalon and Marina Ganotra

NASP Delegate                        Jo Callaghan
NASP SPAN Rep                             Carrie Suchy
NWPBIS Liaison                     Susan Ruby


University Rep - EWU                    Briley Proctor
University Rep - SU         David Fainstein
University Rep - CWU                         Rich Marsicano
University Rep - UW Seattle                  Kristen Missall
University Rep - UW Tacoma Laura Feuerborn & Kathy Beaudoin
University Rep - Gonzaga                               Joseph Engler

Student Rep - EWU                        Cassie Plummer
Student Rep - EWU                                           Shelby Moore
Student Rep - SU Olivia Seger
Student Rep - CWU        Maritsa Rodriguez
Student Rep - UW Seattle                              Bella Li
Student Rep - UW  Tacoma 
       Mark Troisi, Josh Gibson, Tanarra Doss, Jacqlyn Jackson
Student Rep - Gonzaga                                   Ridge Bynum

Washington State Association of School Psychologists
816 W. Francis Ave #214
Spokane, WA 99205

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