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Advocacy Resources

As your GPR committee learns about more and more resources out there to help in our grassroots advocacy movement, we will share it here!

School Psychology Awareness Week

Click here to access our 2016 School Psychology Awareness Week resources and activities.

Proactive Outreach Communication

At the WSASP Fall Conference we had School Psychology Awareness Week Post Cards and 2017 New Year’s Greeting Cards available for your use, but at home you can use your own cards! 

      For postcards, write your return address on the top right, leaving room for the stamp in the far-right corner.  To order your own SPAW postcards like those at the conference, follow the link above.

      For greeting cards, write the return address as usual.  Please avoid religious cards so we do not alientate any groups.

      Do not address these to anyone yet, as elections may change who it is going to!  You can address them, stamp them, and send them after elections based on your return address.

      You can send these to your 2 state representatives, 1 state senator, 1 federal representative, 1 federal senator, the new Superintendent of Public Instruction, Lt. Governor, and/or Governor.

Sample Messages

      Welcome to your office!  I look forward to working with you on the role out of ESSA to support our students.

      Our schools are in crisis!  I ask you to support legislation that will improve access to mental health services for our students.

      We need your support to expand our role as school psychologists to provide services that our students need.

      We need your support to include school psychologists in McCleary funding decisions.

      Welcome to the new Superintendent!  I look forward to working with your office to implement increased mental health support as part of the ESSA rollout and McCleary funding decisions!

Sign with your name, role, and district

Featured Online Resources

The Kids Count Data Center ranked Washington State as 18th in the country for Kids! Check it out!

Advocacy Tips

What to do when contacting your representatives:

1.  Introduce yourself and your profession first and foremost.

The NASP materials linked on this page and more materials available to NASP members are a great tool to provide a lasting impact.  Your representatives will read these things!

 2.  Indicate which specific legislation you are interested, if there is any.  

Provide the bill number and if you are in favor or against this bill, then discuss why.  If you have suggested modifications you can offer this as well.

3.  Provide all pertinent information in writing.

These people are busy and meet with a lot of constituents.  Providing them with easy to read documents to support your point is critical.

4.  Remember, you are an expert!

Your representative may be an expert in their field, but you are in an expert in yours as well!  Have confidence that they will listen to you, it is their job!

5.  If writing a letter, keep it brief.

When contacting your representative in writing, keep is to a page if possible, and bullets can be preferred if appropriate to content.

Legislative History

2016 Washington State Legislative Session Information

This session was a “short session” preceding an election for most representatives in the house and senate. As such, there was an expectation by those who are active in advocacy at the state level that there would not be a lot of bills introduced, and the focus would be on the budget. This has turned out to be an error in judgement. Several bills pertaining to education were introduced. There are some who suggest many of these were only to appease voters to ensure re-election later in the year. We have no opinion on that particular assumption, however, there are some bills that are of interest to us as school psychologists. Below is a list of these bills with a short summary as well as a link to the bill. With each bill is a note regarding the position of each bill as of 2/21/2016. Bills are listed in order of priority for WSASP members, however it is notable that each bill is in a different level of the process to becoming a law, and action may be requested on items out of order. Members may always submit a public comment of their own by following the link and clicking on "Comment on this Bill" at the top right side of the page the link takes you to. Bill history from 2015 is also provided.

Bills from 2016 session

Bills from 2015 session: Important Updates

Bills from 2015 session

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