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2024 Spring Lecture Series

The WSASP Professional Development Committee is excited to announce the 2024 Spring Lecture Series! This year’s event will feature seven three-hour sessions and one four-hour session focusing on MTSS implementation, math assessment and intervention, SEL, ASD evaluations, and evaluating English Language Learners (and more!). With the addition of a pre-recorded session from the fall conference, there will be 27 clock hours available! As usual all our talks will take place on Fridays between March and May. We will record all our sessions and make the available to registrants via our private YouTube page in case you are unable to attend every talk live.

  • $199 - Member of WSASP
  • $299 - Non-members
  • $25 - Student/Retiree Member of WSASP
  • $50 - Student/Retiree Non-member

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Recorded Session from Fall Conference

Available upon purchase of Spring Lecture Series

Title: School Psychologist Actions to Prepare their Districts for 2028Speakers: Susan Ruby, PhD-Professor-EWU, Willian Rasplica, UW Bothell, Advisor to the National Center for Intensive Intervention (NCII), Stephanie King, PhD., UW Bothell, Tania May, PhD., Assistant Superintendent of Special Education-OSPI

Washington State is on a timeline to sunset the discrepancy approach for SLD evaluations and to adopt a process that includes decision making regarding a student's response to evidence-based interventions delivered with fidelity. While school psychologists may have the knowledge and skills to transition to this process, many schools and districts lack the infrastructure and components necessary to successfully implement and evaluate a Response to Intervention (RTI) approach. Our presentation will provide school psychologists with actionable steps they may take to assist buildings and districts to prepare for the 2028 implementation date.

March 22, 2024 

AM Session (3 hours) - 9am

Title: Using RTI for Evaluating SLD

Speakers: Dr. Joseph Kovaleski, D.Ed.

In this session the rationale and procedures for using an assessment of a student's response to intervention (RTI) as part of a multidisciplinary evaluation to determine special education eligibility will be presented. The system supports that need to be in place to provide the assessment and intervention procedures that are essential to implementing RTI will also be reviewed. Special emphasis will be given to the role of the school psychologist in participating in a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) as well as in conducting individualized student evaluations.

PM Session (3 hours) - 1PM

Title:  Panel: Using RTI For Evaluating SLD

Facilitators: Dr. Susan Ruby, Dr. Stephanie King, and Bill Rasplica

Panel Participants: Kelly Glick, Ed.S., NCSP; Christina Hufana, Ed.S., NCSP; Shir Palmon, Ed.S., NCSP; Jason Pedersen, Ph.D., NCSP

April 12, 2024 

AM Session (3 hours) - 9am

Title: School-Based Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluations

Speakers: Dr. Stephanie Kneedler

PM Session (3 hours) - 1PM

Title: Using Social-Emotional and Behavioral Assessments to Support Intervention and Improve Outcomes for Children and Adolescents

SpeakerDr. Stephanie Kneedler

April 26, 2024 

AM Session (3 hours) - 9am

Title: CBM-Mathematics: Reviewing the Current Evidence-base for Screening and Progress Monitoring

Speakers:  Dr. Gena Nelson, Assistant Research Professor, University of Oregon, Allyson Kiss, Ph.D., NCSP School Psychologist (Anchorage School District)

PM Session (4 hours) - 1PM

Title:  Evaluating Language Learners

Speaker: Steve Gill

    May 10, 2024 

    AM Session (3 hours) - 9am

    Title: An Introduction to Evidence-based Practices and Providing Tier 2 Interventions in Mathematics

    Speakers:  Dr. Gena Nelson, Assistant Research Professor, University of Oregon

    PM Session (3 hours) - 1PM

    Title:  Putting the “U” in Union: Individual Advocacy and Leveraging Bargaining Agreements

    Speaker: Jennifer Silves, Carrie Suchy, Alex Franks-Thomas, Reiko Dabney


    1. Learn how to read and identify language in your CBA that applies to you
    2. How to develop meaningful bargaining language
    3. Learn effective advocacy strategies at the local level

      Archived Sessions

      Interested in accessing handouts and PowerPoints from previous years? You can find them here, without purchasing the webinar.

      If you'd like to purchase previous sessions of the Spring Lecture Series and watch them in their entirety, you can register here and within 72 hours, you'll be sent the link to watch the video(s) you purchased. The price includes clock hours (which you'll receive after doing the evaluation). The 2020 SLS is available for $40/session. Previous 2014-2022 SLS sessions are available for $25-30/session.

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