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Social Justice Task Force Resources

WSASP has identified and compiled these resources through the work of school psychologists across the state of Washington.  These come from a variety of sources and are intended to help schools and families engage in constructive dialogue about social justice issues in the hopes that we can work together to shift the conversation from hate and violence toward understanding and respect. We will be adding to these resources over time.


Courageous Conversations about Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools

Author(s): Glenn E. Singleton and Curtis W. Linton (Eds.)

Tags: School Level. District Level, Book

Description: Explains the need for candid, courageous conversations about race so that educators may understand why student disengagement and achievement inequality persists and learn how they can develop a curriculum that promotes true educational equity and excellence.

The Critical Pedagogy Reader

Author(s): Antonia Darder, Marta P. Baltodano & Rodolfo Torres (Eds.)

Tags: School Level, District Level, Book

Description: Collection of essays that reflect upon issues of class, racism, gender/sexuality, language and literacy within the classroom setting.

Push Out

Author(s): Monique W Morris

Tags: Book, Documentary, Culturally Responsive Practices, District Level, School Level, Suspensions and Expulsion practices

Description: An examination of the experiences of Black girls in the education system.

Stamped From the Beginning

Author(s): Ibram X. Kendi

Tags: General Equity and Justice Information, Foundational, Book, Author(s) or Creator(s) of Color, History

Description: This book is a history of racism in the United States and can help individuals develop a more complex understanding of the context in which racism today takes place. This is not specific to education or school psychology. This book is available where books are sold, and linked above are discussion questions.

Unbank the Fire: Visions for the Education of African American Children

Author(s): Janice Hale

Tags: Book, Cultural Competency, School Level, Culturally Responsive Practices 

Description: Discusses the challenges African-American students have in the school setting and reflects upon best practices in supporting students of colors learning styles.

Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice - Revised and Expanded 3rd edition

Author(s): Paul Kivel

Tags: School Level, District Level, Book

Description: Uprooting Racism offers a framework for understanding institutional racism. It provides practical suggestions, tools, examples, and advice on how white people can intervene in interpersonal and organizational situations to work as allies for racial justice.

White Fragility

Author(s): Robin DiAngelo

Tags: Antiracism, General Equity and Justice Information, Foundational, Book

Description: This resource is not specific to school psychology or education, but is to inform the foundational understanding of the role of white people in systemic racism. This book is informative primarily for white folks who are not cognizant of the role white people broadly carry in upholding systems of racism and is recommended as a primer on the concept of whiteness as a race in the racist systems built into our society in the US. See the Readers guide for more information prior to reading. This book is available where books are sold, and linked above are discussion questions for educators.

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