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School Psychology Awareness Week 2016

We are excited to announce that Governor Inslee has again signed the official proclamation declaring November 14-18th School Psychology Awareness Week (SPAW) in Washington State!   

Read on to find out more about the various activities that school psychologists across the state engaged in this year to promote SPAW.

"I presented to my district's school board about SPAW and the role psychs play in the district - it was very well received!"

     Alex Franks-Thomas

     North Thurston Public Schools

"To promote our profession for SPAW, I first met with the school psych group's supervisor and shared information about the week with her. She asked me for a small blurb about the week, which I took from NASP, and she sent it to our district's communications department. They sent it out with the enews and posted it on the district Twitter and Facebook pages. She also sent it out to all principals, who then sent personal messages to the psychs. I also sent the same blurb to our district person who does 'rave reviews', and she put it in the beginning of the rave reviews that went out to all staff that week." 

     Carina Mikael Olson

     Issaquah School District

"For School Psych Awareness Week, I convinced a discouraged special ed teacher to go back to school for her school psych degree, and she is in the process of applying now!"

     Deborah Bernstein

     Renton School District

"School Psychologist Awareness Week (SPAW) was discussed at our monthly school psychologist meeting in November. Throughout the school year, we have taken some time to discuss our roles at each of our schools and brainstormed how we could support each other to address challenges that may generalize to other colleagues. In supporting each other, we will bring credibility to our roles within the district, that we are not just professionals that serve a function to address legal mandates and identify eligible special education students. We are support personnel for anyone with an interest in our students welfare, and lend our expertise to help make effective decisions on their behalf. That message was consistent with the WSASP message 'Small Steps Change Lives', that the steps we take to better our profession will positively impact our kids. SPAW was also recognized by our district administrators and we were appreciated for the work we do with students." 

     Michael Kirlin

     Bethel School District


"This year's theme, 'Small Steps Change Lives', reminds both students and adults how their small actions can add up to larger, positive changes. My goal was to present this information in a fun and interesting way that is relevant for students, staff, and families. To do this, I took a popular song and rewrote the lyrics to describe an issue that regularly impacts students in the classroom environment (interrupting or blurting out in class). Several sixth grade students at my school were kind enough to help me to create a music video to accompany the song. This video, which includes information about SPAW, was shared with all staff members and families at our school. The video was also viewed by all students during their advisory classes, where they practiced their skills with goal setting to identify goals for our student who was blurting out in class."

     Ashley Burchett

     Seattle Public Schools


Advocacy Activities for School Psychology Awareness Week 
(November 14-18, 2016)

Monday, November 14th
Contact your elected officials asking them to co-sponsor a congressional resolution officially designating November 14-18, 2016 as School Psychology Awareness Week, using NASP’s pre-crafted letter.

Contact your elected officials and ask them to fully fund Title IV Part A, the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant, which provides funds to schools for mental health services and trauma-informed practices. Click here to use NASP’s pre-crafted Advocacy Action Center letter.

Tuesday, November 15th
In advance of Tuesday, sign up for NASP’s Thunderclap, which will automatically send a pre-crafted message through your Twitter and Facebook at 11am on Tuesday of SPAW to get #SmallStepsChangeLives and #NASPAdvocates trending on social media.

Send tweets to your elected officials and ask them to fully find Title IV Part A. Pre-crafted tweets directed at your elected officials will appear when you send them through NASP’s Advocacy Action Center: 

Wednesday, November 16th
Call your elected officials and ask them to fully fund Title IV Part A, using NASP’s sample script on our Advocacy Action Center.

Thursday, November 17th
To further promote the profession this week, find out how you can set up a presentation in a high school or undergraduate psychology course explaining a career in school psychology using NASP’s presentation “Improving the Lives and Learning of Children and Youth”.

Friday, November 18th  
Have a conversation with someone in your school building (Principal, teacher, administrator) and explain to them what SPAW is and the activities you did throughout the week, as well as your goals for working together. Download an adaptable article for use in your school's newsletter to inform families about School Psychology Awareness Week, your school's activities around the theme of Small Steps Change Lives, the role of the school psychologist, and what families can do to help their children thrive.

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