Fall Conference

Registration is OPEN for this year's annual Fall Conference. We will be back at the beautiful Davenport Hotel from 10/17-10/19/19!

Archived Spring Lecture Series

You can now access previously aired Spring Lecture Series, dating back to 2014, for a discounted price! Please go here for more information.

School Psychology Awareness Week
November 11-15, 2019
Your GPR committee is excited to provide guided participation activities for each day of SPAW 2019, including a nationwide Virtual Hill Day organized by NASP! See below for all the details.


Monday – SPAW Takes over Social Media!
  • Change your social media pictures to the SPAW Logo
    • Social Media Profile Photo
    • Facebook Cover
    • Twitter Banner
    • Use these hashtags with your post
      • #SPAW2019 #NASPadvocates #WSASPadvocatestoo  #waedu #waleg #waelex

Tuesday – Getting the Word Out

  • Social media posts
    • Post Ratio sign selfie!! 
      • Provide link to printable sign with directions to write out all the hashtags 
      • #moreschoolpsychs  #NASPadvocates #WSASPadvocatestoo  #waedu #waleg #waelex #SPAW2019
    • SHARE NEW WSASP INFOGRAPHIC to share online
      • Provide link here
    • Use hashtags #SPAW2019 #NASPadvocates #WSASPadvocatestoo  #waedu #waleg #waelex
    • Letter to Editor template (Press Release)
      • Provide link here
    • Newsletter template (online)
      • Provide link here

Wednesday - NASP Federal Advocacy Action Day

  • Social Medial messages in guide from NASP

    • Provide link here
  • Use hashtags #SPAW2019 #NASPadvocates #WSASPadvocatestoo  #waedu #waleg #waelex
  • Send letter to Federal Reps (NASP made)
    • Provide link here

Thursday - Building Advocacy Day

  • Social Media messages

    • Post messages about how you support staff and students every day!

      • Provide link to sample statements here
    • Use hashtags #SPAW2019 #NASPadvocates #WSASPadvocatestoo  #waedu #waleg #waelex
  • Students
    • NASP Exposure Project

      • Schedule a time to present to a high school class about School Psychology
        • Provide link to project info here
    • “Take What You Need" Flier/Poster/Bulletin Board
      • Provide link here
    • "Random Acts of Kindness" activity  
      • Provide link here
  • Staff
    • Resources to share with your staff about the profession (WSASP Infographic, NASP Infographics, other NASP materials)

      • Provide links here
    • Gratitude Works 
      • Participate in the "Gratitude Works" campaign by having a stack of "Thank you" note cards in the staff room for people to write notes to their colleagues. 
      • Provide link here to the SPAW themed note cards
    • Treat Yourself and Others
      • Write down on downloadable magnifying glass, write down a word you notice colleagues exhibiting which has had a positive impact on each other or students. Tape to it a small candy bar, tea bag, or other treat and put them in staff mailboxes, on their desks, or in a basket in the staff lounge. Be sure to keep one for yourself!  
      • Provide link here for magnifying glass template

Friday - State Advocacy Day

  • Social Media messages

    • Stand up for Washington’s students! Support legislation placing one school psychologist in every school in Washington!
    • School psychologists help children overcome barriers to learning so they can be successful at school, home, and throughout life. Please support appropriate school psychologist staffing ratios so we can be even more effective!
    • Stand up for Washington’s students by supporting mental health services in schools. Please support legislation that will strengthen the work of school psychologists!
    • Stand up for Washington’s students by supporting legislation to promote increased access to school-employed mental health professionals so children get the help they need to learn and graduate.
    • School psychologists provide essential services to staff and students every day.  Please support legislation providing National Board Parity for Nationally Certified School Psychologists.
    • School psychologists provide culturally responsive services to students and families from diverse backgrounds. Please support policies that help my students succeed!
    • Use hashtags #SPAW2019 #NASPadvocates #WSASPadvocatestoo  #waedu #waleg #waelex
  • Send letter to State Reps
    • Provide link here
      • **Needs to be sent to NASP for upload**



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