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Registration is OPEN for this year's annual Fall Conference. We will be back at the beautiful Davenport Hotel from 10/17-10/19/19!

Archived Spring Lecture Series

You can now access previously aired Spring Lecture Series, dating back to 2014, for a discounted price! Please go here for more information.

Operation Jumpstart

A Grant Opportunity for WSASP Members

Do you work at a school that may be very responsive to multi-tiered systems of support for mental health, behavior, or serving CLD populations, but needs a ‘kick’ to get the ball rolling?

Intent of grant:

To promote the enhanced role of the School Psychologist in Washington, specifically in the direction of the recommendations made in the recent guidance paper, “Revised Professional Practice Guidelines in the Evaluation of Students with Specific Learning Disabilities”; Spring 2015 Lecture Series on Building and Implementing a Multi-tiered model of support services for delivery of mental health services in the school setting; this year’s Spring Lecture Series on meeting the needs of CLD students and to support the Mission of the association, namely the enhancement of School Psychology activities in promotion of academic and mental health needs of students. These grants are designed to help ‘jumpstart’ the process to allow for a comprehensive evaluation and service delivery, and for the development of a multi-tiered support systems model in one school with one School Psychologist as facilitator.


WSASP would like to offer its membership the opportunity to ‘jumpstart’ efforts at a designated school to develop a multi-tiered model for academic, behavioral or mental health intervention. The grant will be limited to one psychologist/one school and will be matching in nature, with both WSASP and the school contributing $500 each toward a consultant (we will provide a list of consultants) or training with the intent of creating an action plan; $1000 each toward the implementation of the action plan; and $500 each toward the development/implementation of a sustainability plan. Thus each grant has the potential of up to $4000 with the goal of jumpstarting a development plan.

The application shall consist of a written proposal, which addresses the criteria. A commitment will need to be made by the school to match the grant. Please review our Scoring Matrix to assist in completing your application. 

District Commitment Letter (Must be complete to upload with application)

Please submit your application through this form: Operation Jumpstart Application

Deadline for application: November 17, 2017

Award decision: November 30, 2017

Questions can be directed to contact@WSASP.org

Operation Jumpstart Awardees

 Year District/Institution Awardee(s) Jumpstart Project
2015-2016Eastern Washington UniversityDr. Jamie Chaffin Dr. Susan RubyDevelop team of NASP PREPaRE (Crisis Response) trainers to facilitate training school professionals on the east side of Washington State in PREPaRE. 

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